Top 20 Reasons for Reshoring

A growing number of U.S. manufacturers — including Apple, Caterpillar, GE, Ford and Google — are choosing to manufacture more in America. Reshoring is on the rise and for good reason. As companies review total cost data, they are finding that rising offshore labor rates, plus the hidden costs of counterfeit and unreliable quality, counter the… Read More

Babe Ruth’s Autograph Ranks Among Top Forged Signatures

Babe Ruth tops the charts for the most frequently submitted counterfeit signature in the collectibles marketplace. The Great Bambino is the most sought-after autograph in the hobby. Autographed Ruth items are worth between $3,000 – $50,000 for a single-signed baseball. It’s difficult in today’s online memorabilia world to analyze if what you are buying is… Read More

NATEL Adds Lithium Ion Assembly Capabilities

CHATSWORTH, CA – March 28, 2014 – “NATEL EMS now has the capability and infrastructure to manufacture lithium-ion battery assemblies for all energy applications,” announced President/CEO Sudesh Arora. NATEL has constructed a facility and invested in specialized infrastructure to handle Li-Ion module manufacturing at its Chatsworth headquarters. These investments help place NATEL in a leading… Read More

NATEL Achieves Top 100% Ratings

Through Collaboration, Superior Service CHATSWORTH, CA – March 27, 2014 – NATEL EMS has raised its contractor ratings to 100% with two leading national customers through a collaborative plan to solve problems and create superior customer service. “The improvement in customer service means more than top ratings. It shows NATEL’s commitment to understanding what our… Read More

NATEL Offers Krypton-85 Radioisotope Leak Testing

NATEL Offers Krypton-85 Radioisotope Leak Testing For Environmental Screening CHATSWORTH, CA – March 24, 2014 – NATEL, a leading microelectronics solutions company, now offers reliable Krypton-85 radioisotope leak testing, an advanced technology used to detect the unforeseen defects in sealed Hybrids and MCMs. “At NATEL, we constantly offer unique solutions to ensure reliable parts are handed… Read More

NATEL Creates Touch-Free Microelectronic Assembly Line

“NATEL EMS has created a hands-free microelectronics assembly line”, announced President/CEO Sudesh Arora. “At NATEL we have built our company based on high quality, high reliability manufacturing,” explained Arora. “It is a directive within our company to standardize and eliminate all variability in our system. The Auto Line is a prime example of our commitment… Read More

NATEL Announces Quality Turnaround At Carlsbad Facility

CHATSWORTH, Calif., March 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — NATEL EMS announces major improvements in quality and performance at its Carlsbad, California, location, now known as NATEL’s Ceramics Center of Excellence. “This significant turnaround is a result of implementing the NBS system among both manufacturing and transactional teams,” announced President/CEO Sudesh Arora. “At NATEL’s Ceramics Center of… Read More

Organizers Of The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Failed To Prepare

While a snowflake proved problematic at the Opening Ceremony, it was a lack of snowflakes that caused complications thereafter at the Sochi games. Unexpected rising temperatures, as well as unfinished accommodations, turned the games into a dangerous experience. Hans Pieren, an expert on salt and snow, informed Sochi officials that salt was a priority and… Read More

Preparation Leads To Medal Count Win

The long-standing record of success by our Olympic athletes set expectations for top performances in the 2014 Winter Olympics at Sochi. Preparation and commitment have allowed the USA throughout the years to rank second in all time total medal standings. Witnessing the sight of our veteran and rookie athletes parading in reminded us of this… Read More

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