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NATEL Achieves Top 100% Ratings

Through Collaboration, Superior Service CHATSWORTH, CA – March 27, 2014 – NATEL EMS has raised its contractor ratings to 100% with two leading national customers through a collaborative plan to solve problems and create superior customer service. “The improvement in customer service means more than top ratings. It shows NATEL’s commitment to understanding what our… Read More

NATEL Offers Krypton-85 Radioisotope Leak Testing

NATEL Offers Krypton-85 Radioisotope Leak Testing For Environmental Screening CHATSWORTH, CA – March 24, 2014 – NATEL, a leading microelectronics solutions company, now offers reliable Krypton-85 radioisotope leak testing, an advanced technology used to detect the unforeseen defects in sealed Hybrids and MCMs. “At NATEL, we constantly offer unique solutions to ensure reliable parts are handed… Read More

NATEL Debuts New Website

‘We Make Amazing Things Happen’ CHATSWORTH, CA – March 26, 2014 – NATEL EMS, one of the leading electronics manufacturers in the U.S., has launched a new website as the centerpiece of its dynamic rebranding. “We Make Amazing Things Happen” is NATEL’s corporate positioning statement and is communicated throughout the website. In late 2013, NATEL… Read More

NATEL Creates Touch-Free Microelectronic Assembly Line

“NATEL EMS has created a hands-free microelectronics assembly line”, announced President/CEO Sudesh Arora. “At NATEL we have built our company based on high quality, high reliability manufacturing,” explained Arora. “It is a directive within our company to standardize and eliminate all variability in our system. The Auto Line is a prime example of our commitment… Read More

NATEL Announces Quality Turnaround At Carlsbad Facility

CHATSWORTH, Calif., March 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — NATEL EMS announces major improvements in quality and performance at its Carlsbad, California, location, now known as NATEL’s Ceramics Center of Excellence. “This significant turnaround is a result of implementing the NBS system among both manufacturing and transactional teams,” announced President/CEO Sudesh Arora. “At NATEL’s Ceramics Center of… Read More

Hiring for “Lean”

Hiring for “Lean” by Victor Yamauchi Being in a culture of resource efficient people, we at NATEL have our ears perked for ideas on how to create a more lean culture and tactics that will eliminate waste. There are numerous mailers with fantastic tips in your inbox daily, tips such as how to arrange your… Read More

Mason, OH Facility goes through Two Week Transformation

The over the past two weeks the Ohio facility received a supporting hand from Victor Yamauchi. Victor is NATEL’s Vice President of Continuous Improvement, a position which has focused intensely on lean implementation and training. The Ohio facility staff was trained in lean principles. A total of 14 groups including management and business groups, more… Read More

Congressmen Steve Chabot Visits NATEL Facility in Mason Ohio

On Tuesday, June 3rd, Congressman Steve Chabot visited our Mason, OH facility. During his visit the Congressman met with our Chief Financial Officer, Laura Siegel and later met with more team members. Mr. Chabot enjoyed an overview of the company and later a personalized tour. The event was a stupendous success and was enjoyed by… Read More

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