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Why We Recommend Ceramic Substrate

One of the reasons that NEO Tech has become a leader in the industry is our ability to provide the products, processes, and materials that our customers require. We also look for materials and options that provide durable, long-lasting and highly dependable components and systems that can be used across a wide array of different industries and applications.

The recommendation to us ceramic substrate is something our engineers may offer for many different reasons. We offer both HTCC or High-Temperature Co-Fired and LTCC or Low-Temperature Co-Fired substrates and packages. Both have their advantages in different applications and also offer:

  • Superior wear resistance to other materials
  • Resistance to damage or deformation from exposure to high temperatures
  • Resistance to water damage or damage by exposure to high levels of humidity
  • Low risk of damage due to corrosion or exposure to chemicals
  • Low thermal and electrical conductivity (varies by substrate selected)
  • Low density, which is ideal for many applications
  • Increased hardness
  • Superior stiffness to steel without all the issues of corrosion and weigh

Uses of Ceramics

We provide design and production services to many different specialized industries. Based on the specific application we may recommend the use of ceramic substrate for semiconductors, telecommunication components, aerospace applications as well as in the development of medical devices.

One of the important factors we consider when recommending the use of a ceramic substrate or package is the insulating factor this type of material provides. It will allow wires to connect directly to the material without increasing the risk of a short through the circuit.

Additionally, with good heat resistance and low thermal conductivity, there is a limited risk of any type of heat damage occurring through the circuit. Additional information on this, as well as other aspects of the use of ceramics, is available by giving us a call at 818-495-8617.

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