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Why to Use NEO Tech For Your Printed Circuit Board Design Assembly

While many processes are relatively easy for an OEM to integrate into current production capacity, printed circuit board design and assembly are certainly exceptions. Printed circuit board design requires an advanced understanding of the complexity of these increasingly small boards, and choosing the correct printed circuit board assembly is increasingly complex.

Many of the companies working with NEO Tech for printed circuit board design and assembly services are large national or global manufacturers. They understand the value of outsourcing this precise work, and our team of experts is always ready to work on new and innovative products to meet the needs of our customers.

Fast Turnaround Times

One of the advantages of outsourcing printed circuit board design and assembly is the established production facilities and capabilities. As a contract manufacturer with multiple locations, we can work to the production levels required, and on the schedule our customers need. This is true for single, small, or large-volume orders.

Lower Overall Costs

With our equipment and our expertise, we can often produce printed circuit board assemblies that are lower cost than the competition or than the OEM. We also have the benefit of offering cutting-edge solutions, including package-on-package (PoP) options, automated plated through-hole assembly, and wave solder systems that complete production quickly and precisely.

Our precision component placement system is fully automated, and we can run through 420 thousand per hour per line, dramatically increasing production rates, and driving down the cost per unit.

If you need printed circuit board assembly services, contact the team at NEO Tech. Call us today at 844-630-8324.

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