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Why Choose Electronic Design Services?

Today’s technology calls for analog, digital, and hybrid circuitry. In fact, these technologies are in a constant state of change. Keeping up with the competition is sometimes a difficult and never-ending task, and NEO Tech’s electronic design services are there to help. Here are several reasons to go with a trusted company like NEO Tech.

Resource Leveraging

When you come to NEO Tech, you enjoy the benefits of many services. We have 15 facilities in the US, Mexico, and China, and each facility can handle specific needs. For example, Chatsworth, California has many electronic capabilities. It has automatic hybrid production lines capable of surface mount, multi-chip module, PTH, and COB. It can handle hybrid and microwave circuits and projects for the military and defense sectors.

All these services are here for you, and you don’t have to make any investments or changes in your company.

Engineering Expertise

If you want top quality electronic design services, our Carson City facility has a lot to offer. It has some of the finest engineers in the business and over 40 years of experience in the medical and military markets. It produces many types of electronics technology including laser diode drivers and microheaters.

Everything You Need

The best electronic design services can “do it all” for you. For example, they take your drawings and ideas or come up with their own. Next, after a great deal of research and development, you can enjoy the benefits of working prototypes for testing. NEO Tech can produce your products and even ship them. Imagine all the company resources you save when you don’t have to design, develop, produce or even ship products to customers.

NEO Tech helps you turn ideas for innovative products into reality. We have some of the most capable people and facilities in the industry. Call us toll-free, 1-818-495-8617 to find out more.

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 Chairman and former CEO, Raytheon

"Collaboration, communication and cooperation
trump lowest price"

COO, Oraya

"It was like having an internal manufacturing operation
without the overhead"

President and CEO, Oraya

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President and CEO, Oraya