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What to Expect When Working with NEO Tech for Medical Device Design

While many of our customers have established medical device products, we also work with smaller companies or startup businesses working on their first innovative device. We also use experts from many disciplines on our teams, which will be essential in looking at all aspects of the design as it develops.

Knowing what you can expect from the NEO Tech team during the medical device design process is important. This will assist you in understanding how our team will be focused on addressing the areas of support and assistance you require.

Professionalism and Flexibility

The steps, documentation, and professionals that need to be involved in the actual medical device design process can be overwhelming. At NEO Tech, we can provide a full range of services in these early stages to work with your design team to complete work independently, providing information, consultation or specialized services and resources for your company.

We are highly flexible, allowing us to offer consultation through to full medical device contracting services after the device has been approved. With this scope of services, you can expect us to operate as a partner in your business, meeting timelines and offering full scalability for production.

Experts in Standards and Requirements

For a new company or an existing medical device manufacturer, having our team to ensure compliance in the choice of production options, materials, electronic components, or other features of the medical device takes the weight off your shoulders.

Our familiarity with production methods that can be validated and verified ensures that our designs are also going to meet the standards required for approval. In addition, all of our medical device design work will come with the documentation required for approval, helping you to save time in this process and avoid requests for additional information during the approval process. Call us today at (818) 495-8617 for more information.

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