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Turn To NEO Tech For Your Printed Circuit Board Design

There are many aspects of manufacturing and production that companies turn over to contract manufacturers and other service providers to complete. For example, most companies manufacturing original products will outsource electronic assemblies and fabrication as well as testing of all parts and components to ensure industry standards are met.

The Benefits of Using Experts

However, companies often make the mistake of assuming that in-house teams will save them money on specific components for a job. A good example of this is found in printed circuit board design, where the in-house team may consider their expertise is enough to see the project through.

At NEO Tech, we have specialists and highly experienced engineers that focus exclusively on printed circuit board design. This allows these professionals to have the latest in technical expertise, training, and best practices behind everything they do.

Using state-of-the-art software programs, our design experts can create PCB (printed circuit boards) that can be completely tested and verified before a prototype is developed. As the complexity of these systems continues to be a factor combined with smaller sizes and increasing power requirements, having this industry expertise becomes even more critical.

Saving Money

By using the design team at NEO Tech, your company will benefit from more than just our ability to complete a PCB that meets your project requirements. We can also complete the job to your timeline, ensuring the PCB is ready, tested, and into production as you need it.

With our team on your side, it may also be possible to find ways to design a PCB that is more durable, provides greater functionality, or offers ways to decrease the cost of the project that the in-house team may not have considered. This all results in a benefit to the business, all while leaving your in-house team to focus on their areas of expertise. To learn more, call us at (818) 495-8617.

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