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Top 5 Implantable Medical Devices

More and more people in the US are enjoying the benefits of implantable medical devices. In fact, some devices are almost commonplace these days. But have you ever wondered which ones were the most popular? A National Health Survey from a few years ago was carefully examined by 24/7 Wall Street and here are the results of the top five.

1. Eye Lens Implants

Recent figures show more than two and half million eye lens procedures annually, resulting in a total cost of about nine million dollars. Why are there so many lens implants? It has to do with cataracts. The US population is aging and baby boomers are developing common health problems associated with old age. From 1996 to 2006, cataract procedures increased more than 40 percent. Cataract surgery has become very safe with minimal risks and it is helping many people regain normal eyesight.

2. Drainage Tubes for the Ears

Almost three quarters of a million procedures are performed annually. So many doctors are performing these procedures to prevent childhood ear infections, that many people are wondering if they are really necessary or not. In fact, many studies show thirty percent of these implantable medical devices are not really needed. Although, it remains one of the largest areas for implantable devices.

3. Arterial Stents

Over one and half million stent procedures are performed annually. They are designed to restore blood flow to narrowed arteries. This saves many lives each year.

4. Knee Joints

Artificial knee joints can restore mobility and eliminate pain. This gives many people their lives back.

5. Screws, Rods and Pins

Surgical pins and screws are some of the most useful implantable medical devices on the market today. Many fractured bones and lives have been restored thanks to this implant technology and NEO Tech is there to help. To learn more about the importance of finding the right medical device manufacturer, call us today at 1-818-495-8617.

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