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Tips In Designing A Custom Wiring Harness

One of the services we offer at NEO Tech is the development and production of any type of custom wiring harness for OEMs. In addition to just completing the design, we can also provide rapid NPI to full scale production.

We often talk to companies where the in-house design and development team isn’t clear on just what they want in a wiring harness. With our team of engineers, we will ask the necessary questions that allow us to develop just the right connection for your specific application and device.

Wiring Requirement

One of the most important considerations will be the type of wire, terminals or connectors, and the specific location of the connection with the device or component. The smaller the size of the wiring harness will dictate how to customize in order to accommodate connectors, wires and the component itself.

Understanding Industry Specific Requirements

For many of the companies, we provide custom wiring harness options that are designed for very specific industry requirements. Our team of engineers has extensive expertise in working within different industries, and we are constantly building systems to the specifications of outside regulators or our customer’s specifications.

Not understanding the specifics that may be required in different types of devices, both small and large, can result in costly mistakes, delays in production or even problems with items that pose a risk of failure or product defects, something that can have a very big effect on branding and consumer confidence.

Another way that we can assist in your custom wiring harness design and assembly needs is through our ability to work to very tight turnaround times. This allows you to take advantage of our closest manufacturing facility for faster delivery and lower cost in shipping and production. We even provide partnerships with your supply chain providers. Contact our staff for more information.

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