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The NEO Tech Advantage in Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Throughout all industries, the demand for more advanced circuit boards is great. OEMs, particularly those with a focus on automation and telecommunications devices and systems, need greater performance and capacity on increasingly smaller and smaller printed circuit boards.

This is where the specialization and expertise in NEO Tech becomes a significant benefit for an OEM. We provide a highly trained workforce using the latest in equipment and technology to design, develop, and provide full printed circuit board assembly to meet the demands of diverse applications throughout a variety of different industries.

A Focus on Best Practices in Production

With our investment in equipment and assembly options, we can provide high quality printed circuit board assembly at a very low price. This is always a factor for our customers, and as order volume increases the need to maintain low costs for the assembly process also become an increasingly critical factor.

We have the expertise and experience in working to the exact specifications of our customers. We can offer PoP (package-on-package) abilities, ideal when small size requirements for the boards is a central consideration.

Our facilities can also offer both semi-automated and fully automated processes for plated-through-hole assembly requirements, along with working with microBGAs and part-on-part components to the exact specifications as needed by our customers. Automated systems for product transfer and adhesive or solder paste dispensing, automated precision component placement, and automatic vision-guided stencil printing capabilities, speed up production while also ensuring quality control throughout the process.

To learn more about our automated printed circuit board assembly processes, or to discuss your requirements, talk to the team at NEO Tech. We can be reached through the website or call us at 844-630-8324.

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