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The Future Of Implantable Devices Is Just Around The Corner

At NEO Tech, we work with companies that are completing cutting-edge research and development in the area of implantable devices for a variety of different issues. When most people think of these types of implants, they think of pacemakers or even blood pressure control devices.

In more recent years there has been an increase in the number of different medical devices that can now be implanted and work with the body and the brain. These include implantable insulin pumps and delivery systems as well as cochlear implants to allow people to be able to hear.

These implantable devices use advanced electronics and computerized systems to provide full integration between the brain and the body. The systems are amazing as they use technology that simply wasn’t available at the time the first pacemaker was implanted back in 1958.

Concepts in the Future

The early use of implantable devices to help in dealing with conditions of the brain and nervous system has just begun. Research into the use of brain stimulation through implanted electrodes has been successful in treating epilepsy. Although, it is currently used only in severe cases that do not respond to medications or other treatment options.

There are also implanted medical magnets that can be used to address chronic pain, previously untreatable types of depression, schizophrenia and conditions such as fibromyalgia, or Parkinson’s disease.

Treating Paralysis

Tiny implants in the brain will soon be used for patients with paralysis. A small implant will be able to detect brainwaves that are signaling a paralyzed limb to move and convert it to a computer signal. This signal is transmitted to a frame on the affected limb. By simply thinking about the movement they want to make, the frame or exoskeleton will move the limb, allowing for simple to complex movements.

While this technology is still a few years in the future is it no longer just a wild idea in a science fiction movie, giving hope to those who are waiting patiently for advanced ideas to address their health issues.

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