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The Future Development Of Implantable Medical Devices

At NEO Tech, we work with the latest research and best practices in the development of all types of implantable medical devices. These include relatively simple devices that are a single design and material to more complex implantable medical devices that may include electronics, multiple materials and a variety of design challenges.

With the increasing use of implantable devices of all sizes and for everything from orthopedic uses through to neurological and body function control, the challenges and future demand for the devices become even more complex.

Materials to Choose

Over the last few years, a focus in research has been in the types of materials that will be most effective in implantable medical devices. In the past, stainless steel with specific types of surface finishes was considered the ideal option as it was strong, durable and non-corrosive in the body.

Today and in the future, new types of thermoplastics and polymers continue to be developed that add benefits not possible with stainless stain. Offering the same strength with a lighter weight, they are just as corrosion resistant and durable as stainless.

With many of these materials, a lubricating layer, an antibacterial surface or even a surface that enhances tissue growth around the implant are added benefits. New materials will continue to enhance the features of the implantable devices that will benefit patients and physicians.

Battery Life

All of the implantable medical devices designed and produced at NEO Tech are developed to have very low power requirements while also having extremely high reliability. As changing batteries or recharging is often not a possibility, we are working to continue to develop circuits and battery combinations that provide the longest possible life cycle coupled with the highest possible reliability.

NEO Tech is a cutting-edge provider in the field of implantable devices. To discuss your device concept or to learn more about our process, give us a call today at 818-495-8617.

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