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The Flexibility of Printed Circuit Board Design

If your company utilizes printed circuits, there is good news. Printed circuit board design is becoming more flexible and easy to use. Thanks to design professionals like NEO Tech, you can introduce products which are thinner, more powerful and flexible than ever before.

Package on Package

It’s possible to stack PGAs one atop one another with PoP. This requires precision soldering to get it right and PoP provides the following benefits:

  • More density – simplifies the process of miniaturization

  • Less interference – some circuits can develop interference signals due to inductance. However, with PoP, shorter leads mean less inductance to be concerned with.

  • Less heat buildup – PoP printed circuit board design provides less thermal resistance. It allows IC generated heat to dissipate preventing overheating.

Thin is in

Thanks to modern PCB design, electronic devices can be much thinner. This is an important consideration for laptop computers, smart phones, and tablet computers. Thinner equipment takes up less space and this makes for more efficient warehousing, storage, and shipping.

Flexible Boards

Newer PCBs are not only thin, they can be bendable and flexible. This comes with many advantages, such as durability and long life. With many electronic products, durability is a major issue. For example, just dropping a component can result in permanent damage. In addition, vibration and heat can cause large problems. Flexible PCBs require fewer crimps and soldered connections and that creates fewer places where reliability issues can develop.

Contract Manufacturing

As printed circuit board design advances, it’s possible to find expert contract manufacturing services for your business. NEO Tech offers high quality electronic design and manufacturing which can help you take your business to the next level. Call us toll free today at 1-818-495-8617 to discover all we can do for you.

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