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The Challenges of Designing Implantable Devices

At NEO Tech, we specialize in working with companies in the design, prototype development, and manufacturing of implantable devices. Our experience ranges from devices such as cochlear implants, to implantable RF transceivers that operate at 400 MHz ISM band and are used for communicating and programming implantable medical devices.

There are some very specific challenges with implantable devices design and approval, which is why our expertise and experience, as well as a solid understanding of the processes and steps involved in getting a device to market, is so important for our customers.

What is Implantable?

This may seem like a simple question, but what actually defines the term “implantable” when it comes to medical treatment? In the medical definition, the term means a device that is placed in the body through surgery or another medical procedure and that will stay in the body to perform a function after the procedure.

It is estimated that about 9% of the population of the US has an implanted medical device in their body. This is higher than in other developed country, where the average number is closer to 5%-6% of the population.

What Matters?

When working with in-house design teams in the first stages of the planning for any type of implantable devices, it is essential to consider the needs of the patient, the concerns of the medical professionals, and the ability to create the design that is expressed by engineers.

Often one of the biggest challenges is to have the device do all that is needed but still be compact, safe, long-lasting, and reliable in the very harsh condition of the human body. Through our experience with medical device contract manufacturing as well as our engineering expertise, we work within the design process to address the challenges and develop a model that will meet the needs of all involved in the process. Call us today at (818) 495-8617 for more information.

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