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The Benefits of Medical Device Design in Production Cost Management

The Benefits of Medical Device Design in Production Cost Management

At NEO Tech, we work closely with our customers to provide the best services and support for all of their design, prototyping, and production requirements. Our customers within the medical device industry enjoy our design team’s state-of-the-art support, supplementing the work of our customers’ in-house design and engineering teams.

Working in a collaborative relationship, our designers provide insight into the development of high-mix medical products we can produce for low-to-medium volume production requirements. However, we do not approach this as a standard package of services, rather we customize our services to meet the needs of our customers.

This specialized, targeted support for medical device design allows our customers to use our services as needed. By working in-house and with the support of our design team on specific aspects of the design, our customers keep the cost of the design phase within a specific target budget as well as on their time schedule.

Materials and Manufacturing Options

Our team of experts in medical device design is also able to provide strategic input into the materials used in the manufacturing of the device so that its durability and life-cycle can be increased, and costs optimized.

Considering different manufacturing options that meet all safety and regulatory requirements is also a cost-saving option for many OEMs. Often simple changes in the processes selected can reduce production costs, adding a competitive edge to the medical device when it comes to marketing and being competitive.

Our experience, coupled with our state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained workforce, allow our design team and production facilities to work to the best interests of our customers. If you are in search of an experienced, competitive, medical device design service that can transition from design to production, call NEO Tech at 844-630-8324.

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