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The Advantages Of Hiring NEO Tech For Your Custom Wiring Harness Needs

The demand for smaller and smaller devices and for longer lasting equipment, parts and components, means many Original Equipment Manufacturers are rethinking and modifying all parts and components in systems.

This is true for medical devices, implants, telecommunication devices, electronics and parts and components used in the aerospace and military and defense industries. The same is also true for other types of technology and even in the development of electronic systems in vehicles.

At NEO Tech, we work with OEMs in all industries to help to keep abreast of current consumer and industry demands. This starts with our ability to complete engineering and design services and goes through production and assembly. It also includes specialized parts such as custom wiring harness options for these smaller devices, systems, and components.

The Custom Advantage

By choosing our company for your custom wiring harness requirements, we can create the harness around the specifics of the device or component, not try to use a current wiring harness with modifications.

This allows us to create each component of the custom wiring harness to the exact specifications to fit into limited space, to manage various types of wires and cables and to include the necessary connectors for secure, reliable installation.

By having all of the wiring assembled and provided in the harness, fabrication becomes much easier. Technicians simply need to connect the cable and wiring at the appropriate locations and run the cable through the system as a unit, not as each individual cable or wire.

As a cost and time-saving factor, this is important to consider. Additionally, with the pre-configured harness, there is no risk of failure of the wiring system as we use full quality control and testing procedures throughout our production services.

To learn more about the advantages of using NEO Tech for your wiring harness requirements, talk to us today at 818-495-8617.

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