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Streamlining the Development of Implantable Medical Devices

One of the reasons that medical device manufacturers turn to our team at NEO Tech for design, prototyping, and production of implantable medical devices is our reputation of great expertise and our extensive experience in the industry.

Our medical device manufacturing teams have the ability to work collaboratively with your in-house design and development structure or to provide more independent solutions based on your specific needs. We can come onboard with the process in the initial concept and research stage and work throughout the project, or we can be called in to provide expertise and insight when challenges occur or when troubleshooting is required.

Avoiding Issues and Delays

There are several common issues that occur in the development of implantable medical devices that can add to the time to market. These missteps are often cause by a lack of experience in the process, and the additional time and addition work on the design phase can be a significant factor in increasing the cost it takes to get the device approved and to market.

Some of the most frequent issues and delays we see with the design and development of implantable medical devices include:

  • Incomplete research as to the needs of the particular patient group, or failure to consider the competition and demand in the market
  • Lack of consideration as to the validation process that is to be used for all aspects of production. This is often a result of lack of external expertise in the procurement of materials as well as in prototyping and production.
  • Inefficient design issues that create a more complex system than required.

Working with NEO Tech for engineering services, as well as design and development support for any medical device, is a simple way to ensure these mistakes are not a factor with your implantable device. It could mean the difference between failure of your project and a successful product release!

To learn more about our design and medical device contract manufacturing services, contact the experts at NEO Tech today at 844-630-8324.

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