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Save Money With NEO Tech Electronic Manufacturing Services

The vast majority of Original Equipment Manufacturers, even those with a global market and a leading role in their industry, choose to outsource manufacturing services to help to manage the costs associated with new product development and subsequent production.

At NEO Tech, we partner with these large industry leaders as well as with small OEMs and startup companies to design and produce electronic components to their specifications. We are able to provide this service through our multiple facilities across the United States and around the world, offering low-cost production, logistics support, and top-quality services.

However, by using our electronic manufacturing services, OEMs of all sizes can also help to reduce the cost of design through to production. By seeing the benefits we offer, it will be easy to spot the value-added services we provide that are very different than what is offered by other companies in the industry.

Efficient Production Costs

Our goal with our electronic manufacturing services is to consider the specific requirements and standards needed for a particular electronic component or device and then work to develop the most efficient and low-cost production method.

All of our facilities are ISO certified, which means we can provide the quality control that is the gold standard in the industry. This includes ISO 9001, ISO 13845 and ISO 14001 certifications. Additionally, we also offer RoHS compliant lines for export outside of the USA.

We also utilize Lean Manufacturing processes, Six Sigma and FMEA best practices which decrease production costs and keep them low.

Quality Control

There is a good reason to put emphasis on quality control in electronic manufacturing services. With comprehensive and complete quality assurance, our customers know that any part or component produced in an NEO Tech facility will be thoroughly tested to offer a long-life cycle and dependability that you can count on.

To learn more about the cost-saving benefits of using NEO Tech for your electronic manufacturing needs, talk to us today at 818-495-8617 for more specific information.

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