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Popular Industries Served by Wire Harness Manufacturers

When most of us hear the words “wire harness,” we likely think about some sort of holster used to help people rock climb. On our industry, however, a wire harness is actually a sophisticated piece of technology: an assembly of wires or cables that transmit signals or electrical power. In fact, wire harnesses are commonly used in many different industries that serve almost all of us on a daily basis.

Here at NEO Tech, as wire harness manufacturers we cater to a host of markets, including military/defense, aerospace, medical devices, and the industrial market. Below are some of the industries served by NEO Tech delivering wire harnesses solutions.

Energy Market

Many products in the energy market utilize custom wire harnesses that are especially suited to deliver the electrical energy to its destination safely. At NEO Tech, we often partner with producers of clean energy products as the industry’s manufacturing arm.

Wire harnesses are widely used in popular alternative energy sources like wind power and charging stations. You can see this technology at play in L.E.D. lighting systems, oil refinery analytical and safety equipment, solar inverter systems, smart utility metering, programmable communicating thermostats, and more. As science and technology advance, wire harnesses will only play a more integral role in powering these green energy sources.

Medical Device Market

Medical devices rely on cables and wiring harnesses to perform as designed and provide doctors and hospitals with reliable tools used to diagnose and treat their patients. Medical wiring harnesses have to undergo rigorous testing and reliability inspections to ensure they perform as expected. In addition the facility that builds medical components must be capable of supporting the regulatory requirements mandated by the U.S. government that are in place to ensure products built in a mannor that they are safe to use on patients.

So next time you go to the doctors office, or hospital and they use electronic devices to measure your blood pressure, or take an advanced image of a an injury, you can be assured that the devices will operate as planned due to the great care taken by OEM’s and the entire supply chain in designing and building the medical products.

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