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Options In A Custom Wiring Harness

One of the advantages in working with NEO Tech is our 40 plus years in the business of designing custom parts and components for our customers across a wide variety of industries. This includes customers in the aerospace, military and defense industries as well as in telecommunications and medical device manufacturing sectors.

All of this experience and exposure to different systems, needs and requirements is expertise that can be used to create new and innovative options in design elements and components. Our expertise in custom wiring harness design and assembly allows our team to offer creative, practical and cost-effective options for some of the most challenging requirements.

With a custom wiring harness, it is possible to organize and logically manage a large number of wiring requirements in a very small space. It is also possible to structure the harness to provide the ideal protection for the wires both from physical damage as well as from electronic interference.

Improving Performance

The options or alternatives suggested in designing a custom wiring harness can help to make installation easier as well as to ensure a better connection between different components.

Choosing various types of connectors, terminals and even wire will be instrumental in the performance of the system. Sometimes something as simple as using a different connector can prevent issues with poor performance or early failure based on the specific application.

Additionally, changing the structure of the wiring harness and how and where it is secured to the device can also improve performance and extend life. This is particularly true in applications where vibration, shock or temperature may be a concern with the wiring system.

For more information on our custom design and assembly services for wiring harnesses, call our team at 818-495-8617. We can discuss your needs and develop the ideal wiring harness for the application.

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