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At NEO Tech, we understand our customers have a multitude of contract manufacturers to choose fro, and we strive to set ourselves apart from the competition. As a company with locations in the United States, China, and Mexico, we have the ability to offer the lowest-cost contract manufacturing services based on the ability to complete production in the most economical of our facilities. This also allows us to specialize in different operations across our 14 different locations, which streamlines production and allows for greater quality control and efficiency throughout the process. This balance has a positive impact for our customers, and we have many clients for which we have worked with for decades.

Our Expertise

At NEO Tech, we have over four decades in working as providers of excellent contract manufacturing services to industry leaders in the design, prototyping, and production of everything from medical devices, telecom equipment, military and defense electronics, and components, as well as for the aerospace industry.

We also offer contract manufacturing for other industries as well. Our expertise and focus on working to the standards required by our customers and of the specific industries is a benefit to our customers of any size.

Our Capacity

NEO Tech offers contract manufacturing services to meet the needs of our customers. We can work with you from concept through the full production, and with our specializations as well as our facilities, we have the capacity to grow with your business.

Unlike other contract manufacturers, we can work with smaller production requirements to larger orders. To find out more about the NEO Tech difference, give us a call today at 844-630-8234.

“Raytheon is very pleased with NEO Tech and we are
NOT easy to please”

 Chairman and former CEO, Raytheon

"Collaboration, communication and cooperation
trump lowest price"

COO, Oraya

"It was like having an internal manufacturing operation
without the overhead"

President and CEO, Oraya

"The middle ground is a little hard to identify, and we needed to find someone flexible enough to play both games"

President and CEO, Oraya