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Microwave Circuits for Medical, Communications and the Military

When you think about microwave circuits you might visualize heating up some leftovers. Although this is part of microwave technology, it represents only a fraction of things it can do. In fact, thanks to companies like NEO Tech, industries have valuable assistance in the area of microwave technology. Below are just a few of the many industries microwave technology is impacting today.

Medical Industry

Many patients are enjoying the benefits of cancerous tumor removal, thanks to linear accelerators. These machines utilize high powered x-rays to destroy growths, while preventing harm to surrounding tissues. This is possible with microwave circuits. Today, this treatment (known as microwave ablation) is even more precise with the addition of CT or computer tomography technology.

Modern ablation procedures can be done without surgery and they are minimally invasive. The method utilizes direct heating of the affected tissue, to destroy it. Ablation can be used in sensitive areas like the lungs, kidneys, heart and liver.

Symptoms of varicose veins can range from mildly annoying to extremely painful. With the help of microwaves, varicose veins can literally be zapped away, bringing much needed relief.


Do you use a standard wireless router in your home or place of business? How about Bluetooth devices? Perhaps you have a GPS system in your car or in your smart phone? All of these technologies depend on the many benefits of microwave circuits.


Without microwave technology, radars could never have been invented and the outcome of the Second World War would have been quite different. Radars made it possible to spot incoming enemy bombers, so the proper defense measures could be employed. The military uses microwave technology for communications and a wide range of applications all over the world. Microwaves are an essential component of so many industries today and NEO Tech is proud to be a part of the technology.

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