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Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

Medical devices are instruments used by physicians to diagnose, implant, prevent, and treat medical conditions without pharmaceutical products. The applications vary and are often complex, but can sometimes be simple as a thermometer. Medical device contract manufacturing is the method by which original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have many of their products produced by outside third parties. For example, a large pharmaceutical company such as GE or Siemens medical buys PCBA, major sub-assemblies, and sometimes complete products that are built for them by medical device contract manufacturers.

Product Development

The above example is a simplified explanation, but at NEO Tech we can assist OEM’s in producing complex electronic medical designs and devices that provide an improved medical experience for patients. Using this method of manufacturing helps reduce the final costs, and increases efficiency and quality in production. There is no room for error or failure in the medical field: a high-level of quality control is implemented by our team at NEO Tech since we know lives depend upon such complex medical equipment.


Medical device contract manufacturing produces items used in surgical video systems, vein visualization, dialysis equipment, radiation therapy devices, implants, critical care ventilators, monitoring equipment, life support systems, and much more. These critical components require high quality development and manufacturing in every step along the way. Proper and careful management ensures high standards and detailed testing of any life saving device. A high standard of quality control and assurance is integral to the patients whose lives depend on these devices.


Keeping costs low is not just an option in the medical field: it’s necessary. Patients and physicians alike need affordable product, without compromising on quality. At NEO Tech, we help reduce costs with engineering and product design services, assisting OEM’s in sourcing of raw materials, efficiently manufacturing and meeting delivery goals and applying best practices to manufacturing critical medical products. Best practices call for the careful monitoring of quality and materials for medical devices.

Strict quality policies, advanced manufacturing and deep understanding of the medical industry regulatory environment combined with careful management produces quality lifesaving devices and equipment: this is what makes NEO Tech your best choice when it comes to medical device contract manufacturing.

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