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Integrated Circuit Design Services

As a business professional with a need for a specialized type of circuit for a prototype, working with engineers can be a bit daunting. By taking the time to learn some of the more common terms you will hear when discussing integrated circuit design, you can make the conversation more meaningful and have the ability to convey any specific concerns with more accuracy.

Work Better Using Technical Terms

It will also be important for you to have information to share with your team of designers and engineers. Only with full understanding of the exact prototype requirements can a circuit be developed that will perform as expected and work well with the rest of the design and features.

For project managers of prototype development, meeting with the team working on the integrated circuit design will be critical. It should be done as early as possible in the design process as these professionals will make suggestions and provide advanced troubleshooting that can save months in the prototype development and testing phases.

Partner with The Right Team

Many different types of integrated circuit solutions and experiences are available. Oftentimes, by talking to a highly experienced design and engineering team, like NEO Tech, a company may find that there is already a readily available solution that can be applied to fit their need.

Check On Testing Capabilities

At NEO Tech, we are able to offer full testing of any integrated circuit design. This means that we will fully test our solution to ensure the system will function in the exact capacity you need.

We utilize different test platforms to fully test the printed circuit board design as well as the overall device. When our design team works on the prototype, we are already considering options on how to effectively test the circuit and all of its features. This allows us to be able to assist you with your current testing capacities in production.

Consider Timely Completion

NEO Tech will work with you to develop a timeline that will allow us to complete all phases of the integrated circuit design, prototype development and testing with speed and efficiency. Our goal is to create a working partnership with you, in handling everything from concept to production, to let you focus on the core of your business.

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