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Important Considerations With Printed Circuit Board Design

One of the specialized services we offer at NEO Tech is printed circuit board design. There are several important factors that make our service the ideal match for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Unlike some companies, we work with a wide range of different industries, and we are also geared to work with small to larger design requirements.

Today, almost all OEMs will outsource specific components of design for a new part or device. When it comes to PCB design, our experience and ability to work to industry standards and requirements and to solve unique challenges with a specific PCB make us the go-to option.

Our Team

The most important part of our printed circuit board design is our team of professionals. These individuals focus on PCB design. It isn’t just part of what they do at NEO Tech.

As a large company that provides services across many industries, we can match your project with a true expert in the field. These individuals don’t just know PCB design, they are aware and work continuously with the standards and requirements in different industries.

Understanding Collaborative Work

Some of our OEMs will have engineers on their in-house teams, and there can be a more collaborative approach to printed circuit board design. We take the time to understand what you need from our services and to work to those requirements.

In addition to just focusing in on the PCB design, we will also understand the entire system or component, which allows us to look for innovative design options that can extend the life cycle of the board or help to reduce the cost of production.

With our expertise and understanding in PCB design, we are the ideal company to handle your next project. To discuss your needs, give us a call at 818-495-8617.

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