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Future Trends in Medical Device Design

At NEO Tech, we are fortunate to partner with some of the leading companies in the medical device industry. Some of these companies we have worked with for years, while others are new on the market, and moving into specialized areas such as electroceuticals and other types of implantable devices.

It can be very difficult to predict trends changes in medical device design, as this is an extremely fast-paced, research-driven field. With billions of dollars invested in new technology, the landscape is ever changing.

More Complex Electronics and Software Requirements

One of the fastest-growing areas of medical device design, is the increasing range of electronic implantable devices. The demand for more functions and features in smaller, more user-friendly systems means that more components need to be designed for smaller spaces. This not only creates challenges with the medical device design, but also with the longevity and power required to keep these devices operational. With many of these systems potentially life-critical in the functions they provide, this is an essential focus in new research and development.

Security, which has been a concern for a few years, continues to get top billing for many new designs. How information is transmitted from the implantable device to the patient or the doctor without being exposed or potentially breached is a growing concern.

Increasing Regulations

At NEO Tech, our team of engineers in our medical device design department is constantly working to adapt to new regulations in the field. Many of these new regulations are designed to address the concerns mentioned above, and our teams work closely with medical device manufacturers to ensure everything that we do provides the documentation, verification, and information needed for moving the device through the approval process.

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