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A Field-Programmable Gate Array (or FPGA) is a specific type of semiconductor that contains specialized types of logic components, also known as logic blocks. They have programmable interconnects, which can connect the logic blocks as needed.

The logic blocks act as programmed logic gates, which means they can use “AND” or “XOR” types of commands to create specific desired results. They can also be programmed with mathematic functions and provide decoding, all which can be stored in short-term memory for immediate retrieval and use. Our FPGA design services will be able to create the complex or simple functions required through the way the FPGA is designed and programmed.

NEO Tech’s team of designers and developers can program FPGA to do what is needed within a device or component. These services are very popular because it would typically be costlier to design, develop and market application-specific integrated circuits. Since they can be programmed as needed, they can also be easily modified for specific uses. However, they can be locked or managed so they cannot be modified after the design, preventing the FPGA from being used in any other way.

Specifics to Consider

While the original FPGAs tend to be relatively basic, some of the best FPGA design services today can program these components to quickly process any complex data and information.

It is possible to use both analog and digital functions in the design of these components. This setting is often times ideal as you can use the analog power to direct specific rates for each of the pins, providing higher rates on heavy load pins and slower rates on those with lighter loads.

Talking to any FPGA design services provider, you should consider their experience, including their knowledge in recent advancements in the technology. An experienced company like NEO Tech listens to your needs, ask questions, and provides you the best design options possible on the market.

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