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Evaluating Electronic Design Services

NEO Tech is a US-based company with headquarters in Chatsworth, CA, and locations across the United States as well as in Mexico and China. This allows our teams to specialize in different aspects of our services, and to provide our customers with the lowest cost of production based on their specific orders and requirements.

In addition to microelectronics assembly, box and systems manufacturing, custom wiring harnesses and PCBA manufacturing, we also provide assembly services. However, before we even begin the manufacturing role, we also work with our customers to provide electronic design services.

The NEO Tech Difference

There are a lot of different companies across the USA offering electronic design services, and we recognize our customers have a lot of options to consider. In working with NEO Tech for both designs as well as manufacturing, we can be instrumental in moving from design through prototyping and into production, streamlining the process and reducing the time to market for any devices, components or systems.

We work with our customer’s engineering teams at all points in the design phase. For some of our customers, we provide full electronic design service, assisting in ways to decrease the cost of production while maintaining the quality and the performance of the parts and components. For other OEMs, we may be called in to assist in resolving specific issues or challenge the internal engineering team may be experiencing.

This makes our design services much more flexible than many of the other companies out there. Our engineering design services are also developed to offer easy scalability for production, and with our facilities across the United States and in Mexico and China, we can quickly adjust to production levels and order volume requirements, making NEO Tech a very practical partner in the process.

To discuss the design process for a project, or to request more information on our services, call us today at 844-630-8324. Feel free to also contact us through our contact form.

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 Chairman and former CEO, Raytheon

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President and CEO, Oraya

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