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Electroceuticals – Pain Relief without Drugs

Every day, millions of people experience pain due to various medical conditions. For example, Type II diabetes can cause a painful condition called diabetic neuropathy as the hands, feet and many other body parts throb with painful sensations. Thanks to electroceuticals and modern medical device technology from innovative companies like NEO Tech, non-drug pain relief may be effective and long lasting.

Stimulating the Spinal Cord

The human spine is home to a huge nerve network. In fact, the spine is a conduit for communications between the brain and rest of the body. Pain sensations are a “brain thing”. In other words, pain is created by the brain in response to signals sent from the body. By stimulating or interrupting pain signals, it’s possible to control and prevent many painful conditions. This can be done with modern electroceuticals.

In some cases, pain sensations may be blocked. They also may be replaced by a mild tingling, which is better than actual pain.

Electronics Plus Pharmaceuticals

What does Electroceutical mean? An electroceutical is a combination of electronics and a reaction which can be created by drugs. For example, drugs are used to block pain. Also, if you electronically stimulate a nerve transmitting pain and it stops the signal, the pain also stops. So how does spinal stimulation work?

Three Steps of Stimulation

  • Implant electrodes
  • Pulse generator implanted into abdomen
  • Remote control to adjust pulse rates and parameters

The Procedure

It only takes about a half hour or so for the entire procedure. Usually, a temporary implant is placed to see if the patient can benefit from this procedure. Permanent procedures may take a couple of hours and can be done as an outpatient.

If you are interested in electroceuticals and medical device design services, NEO Tech is here to assist you. Call us today at 1-818-495-8617 toll free for more info.

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