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Development and Production of Custom Wire Harness Designs

Designing a prototype is a very demanding process, especially when each component needs to be tested and designed in order to meet specific industry standards. Therefore, attention to detail is essential when designing each element, from the electronics to the wiring.

For many applications, current wiring options such as standard cable and wire harness designs are simply not an option because of the size, the specifics of the component, or even the environment in which the component will be used.

When these factors become an issue, the use of a custom wire harness or a custom cable assembly is often the only option. Luckily, there are companies who offer assistance designing and producing these components so that the harnesses and assemblies can be made quickly and at a reasonable price, allowing your team to focus on the big picture of production.

Custom Wire Harness vs. Cable Assembly

While the two terms can be interchanged, there is a difference between a custom wire harness and a cable assembly. A cable assembly is designed to combine and protect a group of different cables, and allows a single wire to be used to route the group of wires throughout the component, making installation and maintenance much easier.

On the other hand, a wire harness only provides protection for a single cable. The wire inside the sheath can be a single strand type of wire or a multiple strand wire. However, similar to the cable assembly, it includes required connectors at both ends.

The Benefits of a Wire Harness

Choosing the right type of system, either a harness or an assembly, depends on the level of wire protection required as well as the specific design requirements for the application.
With a custom wire harness, the sheath of the wire is carefully selected in order to provide maximum protection, which typically means that a thermoplastic type of coating needs to be used. Thermoplastic coatings usually are the best option because they cost less to produce and are smaller in size and weight than a cable assembly.

When beginning to design prototype, it is essential to pay attention to all aspects of the wire harness, including the types of connectors and the process used to attach the connectors to the harness. A company who is experienced in wire harness design will not only offer new ideas, but also will troubleshoot potential issues in order to save both time and money.

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