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Converting Your Technology Design into an Innovative Solution

With the help of NEO Tech, an engineering and electronic manufacturing services company with more than 40 years of experience, clients in a wide variety of industries are able to design and manufacture high quality and reliable technology. We are a mid-sized EMS business with a wide network but paired with the strong and flexible values of a small business. Our team is committed to customer outreach and providing specialized services to each and every individual client.

What We Provide

There are a number of services available to clients of NEO Tech. Many of these fall under the umbrella of product design and engineering services. Digital circuit design and analog circuit design services are just two examples. Since we prefer to work as an offshoot of our clients’ engineering organizations, we are capable of customizing each and every product design project engagement.

We also work faster than many of our competitors, and seek to accelerate the time-to-market ratio for our clients. We believe in streamlining the entire process and helping clients launch their products in the market quickly and efficiently. We are as deeply involved in the process from start to finish as you are, and employ a team with a wide range of expertise and passion for engineering and manufacturing.

The Early Stages of Design and Assembly

Before any products are built, we believe in providing customers with a clear understanding of what they will receive as a finished product. We even offer downloadable design guides for our microelectronics manufacturing.. The design guides include design rules for wire bonding and wedge bonding that enable high quality and high yield manufacturing process. Additional design guides provide similar rules when designing the ceramic substrate, including our popular low-temperature co-fired ceramic substrates.

Our ceramic substrates and microelectronic assembly services are often used for mission critical high reliability defense and aerospace applications. Our customer base is often the large OEM prime contractors who sell complete systems to the US Army and Airforce. Our OEM customers depend on NEO Tech for building and supplying critical microwave circuits and microwave electronics that are the heart of many advances defense and aviation communications and weapons systems.

“Raytheon is very pleased with NEO Tech and we are
NOT easy to please”

 Chairman and former CEO, Raytheon

"Collaboration, communication and cooperation
trump lowest price"

COO, Oraya

"It was like having an internal manufacturing operation
without the overhead"

President and CEO, Oraya

"The middle ground is a little hard to identify, and we needed to find someone flexible enough to play both games"

President and CEO, Oraya