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Choosing NEO Tech As Your Printed Circuit Board Design Company

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) producing any type of electronic part, component, device or system, you have a lot of choices in companies to partner with for specific parts of your manufacturing process.

At NEO Tech, we recognize this reality. However, by looking a bit closer at what we can offer compared to our competition, we believe you will quickly see why we should be a top choice for a printed circuit board design company for any OEM.

Our Industry Experience

We have a dedicated printed circuit board design team with years of experience specializing in this critical task. These designers and engineers are aware of the latest in technology and options in PCB design and stay on top of the best practices and current trends in the industry.

However, we also have extensive experience as a company in a wide range of contract manufacturing services. This includes contract manufacturing in the aerospace, military and defense, medical device and general electronics component industries.

This combination of PCB design combined with full design engineering support, prototype development and transition into manufacturing allows your company to work with one contract manufacturer, cutting down on supply chain costs and ensuring full quality control to the standards required.

Speed of Production

With our dedicated printed circuit board design team and our specialized processing facilities across the United States as well as in China, we have the capacity to be able to meet your production deadlines.

In addition, we have the ability to work to a lower price per unit solutions through our ability to move production to lower cost regions. At the same type, we use state-of-the-art equipment including the use the clean zone assembly areas for equipment required in the medical device, aerospace and military and defense industries.

Responsive, versatile and designed to provide highly reliable, low-cost PCB options, NEO Tech offers our customers a full range of cutting-edge technology and services. To find out more, call us today at 818-495-8617.

“Raytheon is very pleased with NEO Tech and we are
NOT easy to please”

 Chairman and former CEO, Raytheon

"Collaboration, communication and cooperation
trump lowest price"

COO, Oraya

"It was like having an internal manufacturing operation
without the overhead"

President and CEO, Oraya

"The middle ground is a little hard to identify, and we needed to find someone flexible enough to play both games"

President and CEO, Oraya