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Becoming More Competitive In Medical Device Design

In the early days of the development of implantable medical devices, OEMs worked almost exclusively in-house. They used this strategy to both protect IP and prevent other companies to copy or duplicate the device, as well as the cornering of the market by a few large medical OEM companies.

Expanding the Market

In the last few decades, this has dramatically changed. New, startup OEMs are emerging in the market with unique ideas and concepts for medical device design, particularly with implantable and electroceutical types of devices. These companies typically have a relatively small in-house staff, so they look to outsourced engineering and designs services, as well as contract manufacturing of the devices, to complete their design and manufacturing.

At NEO Tech, we have been working with small, startup OEMs, as well as established companies, to provide medical device design as well as prototyping and production. Through the use of our services, these companies can find a way to be highly cost-effective and to speed up the process from concept to prototype and from prototype to approval and production.

Our Advantage

One of our advantages is our ability to understand the standards, regulations, and requirements for different classes within the medical-device industry. Our engineering and design team work extensively in this area, so they are specifically trained in the latest in standards and requirements, ensuring the OEMs we work with also have the benefit of that knowledge built into the design.

We also are able to offer a full analysis of the costs of production for different design options. With this in the medical device design component of our services, our customers can be assured the analysis of material, design options and manufacturing techniques will provide the most cost-effective possibilities without sacrificing quality.

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