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An Overview Of Electronic Contract Manufacturing For Startup OEMs

At NEO Tech, we work with some of the largest companies in industries such as aerospace, military and defense, medical devices and equipment as well as in the telecom industry.

However, unlike some electronic contract manufacturing services, we also work with smaller companies as well. Many of the startup OEMs we work with to provide electronic contract manufacturing have no experience in working with outsourced providers, and it can be difficult to compare providers and to consider options.

To help startup OEMs in understanding the key factors to consider in choosing electronic contract manufacturing service, here are three factors to spend time comparing top contract manufacturing services.

Pricing Considerations

For a startup OEM, the price is always going to be the first consideration, but it should not be the only consideration. At NEO Tech, our goal is to provide quality design, engineering, and manufacturing services at the lowest possible prices.

We often find options for OEMs to help to reduce the cost of production per unit. Extremely low pricing is typically a sign of a contract manufacturer cutting corners on quality control, raw material quality or a combination of factors.

Expertise and Experience

We have been in business for over 40 years, which means we have a proven track record in working with all sizes and types of OEMs. We have Tier 1 tools and capabilities, which means we can provide the full complement of end-to-end solutions for OEMs in any industry and with any specific challenges for their parts and components.

Focus On Working With Customers

We see our role as a partner with our customers. Our focus in our mission statement is to work towards the development of tailored solutions and continuous improvement, all which help our customers to offer the best products in their market.

To learn more about our electronic contract manufacturing services and to discuss how NEO Tech can provide the services you need, get in touch with us today at 818-495-8617.

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