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Ahead Of the Curve with Design and Production of Implantable Devices

As a specialized medical device design and contract manufacturing company, NEO Tech has the advantage of working with some of the most innovative companies in the market. We work with OEMs developing new technology for implantable devices, including in the field of electroceuticals, and highly advanced options in implantable devices for sensing and treatment of a wide range medical conditions.

We also work with OEMs designing new options device miniaturization, as well as specific devices to control different body functions. Our unique ability to work with your in-house team in all aspects of the design is a valuable asset to the process.

Important Considerations

When working with our in-house teams on design, development, and prototyping of implantable devices, our team considers all aspects of the devices. For instance, we understand that implantable devices have to be small, compact and lightweight, but they also have to extremely durable to withstand the harsh conditions found within the human body.

We are keenly aware of the challenges in sourcing the correct materials, as well as in creating a design that is as reliable and rugged as possible. Different options in material and small elements of the design can turn implantable devices into a highly successful device without the risk of failure of the electronic components, a critical consideration with any new design.

Working with companies for both implanted and wearable devices, our teams have the expertise and industry experience to guide you through the design and development process. We can also complete the full design and have the flexibility to meet your exact requirements.

Let us help you with the design and development of your medical devices, including both implantable and out-of-body devices. To learn more, contact us today at 818-495-8617.

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